Planning a Pre-Sale Makeover for Your Car? Here’s What You Need to Know about It

Feb 2015

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When it comes to selling cars, a common misconception makes the process all about finding the buyer and signing the contract. Unfortunately, it’s not. In order that you find a suitable owner for your car and secure a good deal against it in return, we have some tips to help you out.

Repair and a Exterior Wash

Naturally, it’s better if you have been consistent with the cleaning and maintenance part of your car over time. There are dealers who can identify a last-minute cleanup, even if you’d referred it to a pro detailer. That said, however, it is your responsibility to sell it at its best condition, besides a thorough cleaning cannot help but add the curb appeal to your used car.
Check to see if your vehicle needs any repair work. Is there a dent on body, thinning paint, a crack in the windshield or a broken mirror? Are there any mechanical problems? Fix or replace the parts which may make potential buyers likely to refuse your offer.
Give it a good wash, starting at the top and work your way down, with water and a car wash detergent. Use a stiff-bristled brush along with a wheel cleaner to scrub alloy wheels and remove the road grime off them. Follow it with a tire dressing and wax, and don’t forget to buffer to make it shine.
You can prevent further damage by washing on cloudy days or not washing in direct sunlight. Plus, when you are removing the brake dust or grime use nonabrasive cleaning products instead of caustic cleaners.

Do Not Miss the Interior Details

Nobody prefers a car that is still full of the junk of its previous owners. To begin with, clean the cup holders, the dirtiest spots. Find and remove the remaining crud around the corners. Clean all the rest of the storage compartments. After that, look in the other nooks and crannies of your car. While the bigger items such as pens and change can be taken out with your hands only, using a skewer, cotton swabs, and vacuuming is good enough to dislodge the remaining debris.
Treat the carpets and cloth seats with a cleaner and, when dried, use a vacuum. It’s important that you use a specific product for leather surfaces. On a last note, spray a pleasant air freshener.
Make your car worth the investment for potential buyers before you finalize the sale.