How to Inspect a Used Car

Jan 2015

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A pre-owned certified car is an option to consider for people shopping for one. There is the advantage of lower price and the process can be just as exciting too as compared to buying a brand new car. What may, however, be termed as a bad purchase happens when individuals do not make the following checks.

The Exterior

Scrutinize for rust in the bodywork, especially on the inside panels. If you see a spot on the paintwork, you can bet there’s corrosion underneath. Confirm it by pressing or tapping the area; a crack would prove it. Look both along the sides and the bottom of the doors, along with the front and rear bumpers, and under the car.

The Engine

You need to look at its general condition. Is the engine dirty and the oil black? Is there a head gasket leakage and does the end of the dipstick now have a beige-colored liquid? Start the car and listen carefully to any sound the engine makes. Ask for advice from a trusted mechanic on this one.

The Odometer

The general condition of the car can determine if the mileage reflected by the odometer is correct or not. A healthy number is around 10,000 km but it’s easy for sellers to manipulate odometers. So, if there are worn-out carpets, brake pedals, or even if there is a significantly low mileage, you may want to consider another car.

A Test Drive

It’s important that you take the car for a test drive even if you are buying from a reliable dealership. Take advantage and with permission to drive off the normal route, test how it responds on different surfaces and around corners and whether items like mirrors, lights, and other controls on the dashboard are functioning properly. Remember to check the safety features too.

How Citton Cars Do It

Our dealership only offers vehicles that meet our high standards, which is why we use apps like “live auto” to establish if a vehicle is accident free and the kilometers are genuine. We also offer SAP alerts and VIN check etc. as guarantee that you are buying from a platinum dealer and not a “lemon“.
It’s important that you don’t buy a car on face value alone even if it meets your needs and budget requirements. While a third-party mechanic check may provide you with a valuable inspection of the used car, it’s always better if you are familiar with it as well, and do not buy a car with high maintenance costs or other problems. Visit our quality assured page -CITTON CARS