How to Find the Right Cars For Sale

Aug 2021

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Finding the right car that suits your needs can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It may seem as even though you find a great car, something feels slightly wrong – either the engine is too big or there isn’t enough boot space and suddenly you are back to square one trying to find cars for sale.

It might seem impossible but at Citton Cars, with our collection of over 300 used cars, we are bound to have the right car for you. Whether you are looking for a family car or would like to indulge in owning a used Audi, we have something for everyone. However, first you have to know which kind of pre-owned cars you are looking for. Here are a few useful tips and tricks to help you figure out which car is the right car for you:

Look at your lifestyle

When deciding which car to buy according to your lifestyle, it is important to take a few factors into consideration. For example:

  • How big is your family?
  • How far do you need to drive?
  • How often do you need to drive?
  • Does the car need to be fuel-efficient?
  • What kind of cars do you like?

If you have a large family, you will require a much larger vehicle. If you travel long distances, then you may need a car that is fuel-efficient but also sturdy. Figure out what you need from a car and work from there.

What is your budget?

Buying a car can be seen as an investment and spending so much money can feel scary at times. This is why developing a budget that suits your financial needs and means can help you find the right car for your lifestyle and your pockets. Banks recommend that your car budget should not be more than 30% of your yearly income. Using a budget calculator is also a useful way to decide how much you should be spending on a pre-owned car.

Narrow down your options

After establishing what kind of car would suit your lifestyle and how much you are willing to spend on a used car, it is time to narrow down the list. If you are stuck between choosing a Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Kia, and Mazda, you should choose your top three favourite car brands and only focus on them. While the other cars all have their perks, you need to get specific about which cars best suit your lifestyle.

Take it for a test drive

Choose your top 3 cars and take them for a test drive. You never know how good a car feels until you have sat in the driver’s seat. If it feels great, it is time to choose the pre-owned car that is right for you.

Once you have taken the car for a test drive, you can make an educated decision based on the information you have collected. If it is within your budget, suits your lifestyle, and drives like a dream then you have found your car. All that’s left to do is to sort out the finance, and enjoy the ride.

If you are also planning on selling your car, check out the Citton Cars policy for selling cars to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

At Citton Cars, we are the better way to buy and sell cars. Be sure to visit our car dealerships in Gezina and Menlyn and come have a look at the wide variety of cars for sale.