Getting Started with Citton Cars

Jan 2015

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Every buyer is in a hurry to sign their car agreement and drive away in their dream car. At the same time, they’re equally suspicious before signing off any agreement. Because, who knows, which particular agreement term or clause they’re skipping out on?
Citton Cars goal is to make a vehicle purchase and vehicle financing process as smooth as possible. With a qualified, dedicated and highly experienced team for your perusal, Citton Cars offers the best car deals and insurance coverage solutions.
So whenever you think about applying for vehicle finance or to evaluate different vehicle financing options, here are a few options you need to consider:

Do Some Background Research

Before you even think about car financing, first do some research on which car you’re looking for? Be it a convertible, an SUV or a sedan, consider factors such as leg room, fuel average, purpose, number of family members, customer reviews and other know-how. Once you’ve found out your dream vehicle, explore all the financing options available on that particular car.

Call Up on the Sales Executives

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Even the most lucrative car financing deals might not be best suited for you. As there is no one-deal-for-all when it comes to car financing, it’s necessary to learn about each and every deal offered.
After reviewing the financing arrangements, it’s best to call your local dealership salesexecutive and find out more the Purchacse agreement. Use the website’s online loan calculators to find out how much you can pay. Learn more about the formalities, terms and conditions and other particulars of car financing.

Get All Your Supporting Documents Together

To complete the transaction, you will need a few documents to ascertain your identity. Typically, the following documents are necessary:
Valid Id & Driver’s License
Proof of Insurance, if any
Income Statement(s) for last 3 month, Salary Slips and Bank Statements
Proof of Residence not older than 3 month
Any Address Variance (in case your addresses on credit application and credit report are different)

Finalizing Your Transaction

The last step is finalizing it. Pay a visit to the dealership and discuss your financing agreement in detail. Provide the Sales Executive with all the documents necessary. At Citton, the application process is quick.We have a dedicated wd WesBank business manager on the establishment .Within 40 minutes, your vehicle financing application is completed and you can take away that dream car of yours!