Cars of 2050 what does the future hold?

Jul 2018

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The automotive experts believe that our children and grandchildren will operate almost the same cars as we do but they are also using different terminologies for cars of 2050, including electric and autonomous.
Some factors that are contributing to the cars of future include environment, fuel and energy, population, area, and industrialisation.
In emerging economies, it is expected that by 2050, that automobiles will reach up to 3 billion, which means that more space, more roads, more fuel, and bigger parking spaces will be required.

The Concept of Mass Motorisation

Keeping this in mind, the automobile innovators are thinking of more revolutionary ways that can replace the 150 year old invention of present day cars and meet the needs of the people of 2050. The following are some of the changes which are expected to be seen on the roads:

Driving Hand-free

The concept of self-driving is not new and many self-driving and automatic cars have already been produced by major automobile players. BMW has produced Traffic Jam Assistant which allows a jam-packed road of cars to move seamlessly together. “Induct Navia” is a flexible electric solution which operates as a ferry. The concept of “Induct” is more favourable in moving between larger workplaces and airports etc.

Digital Frontier

When it comes to producing giant computing vehicles, Google and Apple are the first names that come to mind. The digital world is transforming so speedily that it is hard to imagine what Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft would serve after 30 years. The interior and exterior of digital frontier cars of 2050 will fully operate on automatic computing technology, an example of which has already been implemented at a smaller level – Apple’s Siri.
On the other hand, your smartphone can be connected to a vehicle that allows you to connect to the world or navigate the world through mobile apps. You can also track the efficiency of your car and install automated systems which detect and respond to emergency situations without you touching a button. When it comes to the digital frontier, Toyota and Diamler top the list.

Morphing Automotives

The cars of 2050 will grant you more road freedom, improved field technology, and more flexible communication. The mobility networks will also change, the signs of which are already on the roads and in showrooms. People hire most modern technological cars during tours and visits to other cities, which shows the interest of people in upgraded vehicles and predicts the possibility of total transformation of automobiles by 2050.
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