Car Care: Debunking the Myths of Waterless Car Washing

Jan 2015

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Are you skeptical of waterless car wash and polishing? Have you heard someone telling you that it’s not good for your car? Or do you prefer the traditional car-wash methods? If your answer is yes to any one (or all three) of the questions, then you may be a victim of the many rumors surrounding waterless car wash.
Here’s a look at the top myths about waterless car wash. Read through them and think again!

Waterless Cleaning is a Quick Detailing Product

Waterless car wash is meant to replace traditional car washing in its entirety. If your car is dry or is covered with moderate amounts of dirt, tar, sap, scuff or bugs, then you can let the waterless cleaning product soak on to the car and then wipe it off clean with a terry cloth. In addition, quick detailer products only help your car shine, whilst waterless cleaners both clean and shine your car. Hence, waterless car wash is NOT a quick detailing product.

All Waterless Products are the same

This statement in itself is preposterous! Just go to a market and see for yourself. There are several different types of waterless cleaning products available for your car. Some of them are polish-based while others are wax-based. Some pertain to both painted windows surfaces and windows while the other ones apply only to either one of the two.

Waterless Car Washes Damage Your Car’s Paint and Scratches it

Another absurd claim probably made by someone who knows little about how waterless cleaning work. The truth is that waterless cleaning seals your vehicle’s paint with a resistant coating. Carnauba wax waterless products are there to save your car from damages, scratches and torn off paint. Furthermore, if you use a 100% cotton terry cloth to wipe your car after applying the waterless cleaning solution, your car will never get a single scratch.

Waterless Detailing Products Damage the Environment

While there is no denying that car cleaning products has some detrimental impact on the environment, there is always the question of choosing which products cause more damage and which products cause less damage to the environment.
Waterless car washing products are as eco-friendly as it gets. Here are three reasons why:
It saves you up to 50 litres of water each time you wash your car
Its VOC compliant formula does not emit any harmful organic compound into the environment
Washing off the detergent from your car with your water mixes the water up with the detergent, fuels , oils, exhaust fumes and other carcinogens which eventually washes off into streams and wetland areas, causing more damage to the plants and wildlife than any waterless cleaning product can possible offer!
So the next time you think about waterless car washing, consider these points and make the smart choice. Happy cleaning!