Applying for vehicle finance should be stress-free

Jun 2020

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Use our Vehicle Finance Calculator to prepare and plan

When times are challenging, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to be able to afford a car that can get you from point A to point B. Transport concerns should be at the bottom of the list that keeps you up at night. Our wish is that you rather invest your energy in the people who surround you, who you care for, and who you need to keep safe.
At Citton Cars, we want to provide you with the right transport to suit your needs – quick and easy and without a fuss. Our aim is to keep your anxiety at a minimum. We understand that most people can’t afford to buy a car straight up with cash. In that case, you will have to ponder the many financing options available, which may prove to be quite a daunting task.
With our help, it won’t be. We provide four easy steps to apply for vehicle finance, including a quick way to determine your monthly repayments with our online vehicle finance calculator.

Finance in 4 simple steps

Step one
Go to our website and visit our gallery of over 300 cars online. Take your time, browse at your leisure, and get a feel of what is available. In order to make your search very easy, we have categorised our used cars into four sections:

Our search filters also enable you to comb our catalogue according to your specific needs. Apply them to the make, style, and price you have in mind. This will simplify your search for a car within your price range.
When you have decided which pre-owned car you are interested in purchasing, select the “Discover” button.
Step two
Citton Cars’ website clearly outlines each used car’s condition, including an overview and features. Included is an interactive vehicle finance calculator which introduces the cost of vehicle and variables for the down payment, annual interest rate, and the loan term in years.
Use this vehicle finance calculator to determine your monthly instalment. Our calculator will divide the total price of your car by the number of months you insert to pay the vehicle off whilst taking the interest rate into account. A longer repayment period will lower your monthly premium. Alternatively, if you choose a shorter repayment period, you’ll save on interest charges.
The vehicle finance calculator helps you to take an honest look at your budget and decide whether you can comfortably afford your new, albeit pre-owned, set of wheels.
Step three
When you have made your calculations, and you are happy that you will be able to afford the monthly down payments, it is time to click on the red “Apply for Vehicle Finance” button. Here you will have a short form to complete, including your personal details, vehicle details, and any comments you may have.
Step four
This step needs no action from your side. After you have submitted your application online, one of our efficient business managers will personally contact you to discuss your financing options.  We will do the hard work of facilitating the entire application process and finalising the paperwork.
Included in our service is to provide you with the details of the various institutions available who provide finance. Together, we will select the most appropriate establishment for your particular financing needs. You will be glad to hear that our vehicle finance is approved by all major banks, including WesBank, Absa, Motor Finance Corporation (MFC), Standard Bank, ALPHERA Financial Services, and Investec.
Remember, the current 1% interest rate cut means that your monthly instalment will be less. That’s particularly good news if you’re thinking about buying a car. Together with our easy 30-minute financing, you will be good to go!
It is worth mentioning here that we also provide special graduate vehicle finance, as well as refinancing.  When it comes to financing your motoring needs, we will always be here to help.
Contact us today to speak to one of our vehicle finance advisors. We’ve got this one.