6 Reasons to Invest in Used Cars for Sale in Menlyn

Jun 2020

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Citton Cars’ dealership in Menlyn, Pretoria, is passionately geared to put our customers first. Our team is trained and able to exceed your expectations. In fact, for us, going the extra mile is a prerequisite. Our passion is matching used cars with their new owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than meeting expectant buyers and making sure they receive the best possible service and a used car which is as good as new.
In the wake of Covid-19, we are now more than ever cognisant of offering exceptional service, value for money, and enabled used car shopping. We want to make life as easy as possible for you, as we know that life has become harder in general and that anxiety levels are high.
In the current tough economic conditions, many buyers are looking to used cars as a cheaper option for transportation. We are here to make your travelling easier and the process to buy your new car one less thing to worry about.
Our Menlyn showroom is open and ready to attend to all your used car needs. There are many used car dealers where you can go to find the next love in your life. At Citton Cars, we strive to be one of the very best, which is why we’ve put some pointers together to show you why you should knock on our doors.

Here are six reasons why you should shop with us for a used car:

1. Our salespeople are motivated

We pay all our salespeople the same to ensure you receive the best service irrespective of the used car you buy. They are incentivised to approach every deal the same way: the customer as king. Most of our salespeople have many years’ experience in the used car industry. We cherry-pick them for their friendliness, knowledge, and willingness. We also ensure that our staff receive regular training so that they can approach every deal with confidence and panache.
2. We have a long-term ownership

Citton Cars has had the same owners, and subsequently culture, for over 30 years. This ensures consistency in service and quality, which is invaluable in the used car industry. Our owner, Mr Andrea Prelorenzo, lives and breathes used cars. He is personally involved in the day-to-day management of the dealerships, and he makes it his mission to ensure that every customer leaves his premises with a light heart and happy soul.
3. We have a wide range of used cars on offer

Our Menlyn showroom has an average of 60 used cars on offer at any given time and specialises in vehicles with manufacturer plans and service plans. There are many vehicle makes and models to choose from, catering for the shape or colour you love and what you can afford. If we don’t have what you want on offer, we will endeavour to find your dream used car for you.
4. Our financing options are secure and affordable

We arrange car finance on-site at our Menlyn showroom in less than 45 minutes. Or, if you prefer to rather stay home and safe, you may complete our online vehicle-finance form. We pledge to structure a payment plan to suit your pocket in these tough times. For us, it is much more important to have a trail of happy and loyal customers in the long run, than making a quick buck from selling a used car to someone who cannot afford the variety they opted for.
It is important to know that we are approved with all banks namely WesBank, Absa, Motor Finance Corporation (MFC), Standard Bank, ALPHERA Financial Services, Investec and more. We also offer graduate finance and financial assistance for first-time buyers. Every person, young and old, deserves to own a car they desire, and we can and will make that dream come true.
5. We guarantee peace of mind

All the used cars on our Menlyn showroom floor have passed a stringent 120-point, Bosch-quality inspection and diagnostics check. The cars are also put through the standard roadworthy and safety checks before delivery to our customers. Moreover, we do a standard HPI Check (TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry) on every used car before we sell it. We can proudly proclaim that our dealership adheres to the recommendations in their article – Buying a Quality Used Car and Safety on the Road.
6. Our used car repairs and maintenance are top-notch
Citton Cars’ Bosch Car Service Centre is located in Pretoria’s Gezina suburb. Here used cars go to transform into good-as-new versions of themselves. Our workshop is 5-star, Bosch-certified, RMI-approved, and BEE-compliant. It sounds like a mouthful, but it merely means that we adhere to all safety and servicing rules set out by the motoring industry’s watchdogs. Our technicians are all duly trained and experienced, and we have invested in the most recent state-of-art diagnostics equipment.
Our genuine Bosch parts are covered by a 12-month warranty and we provide a 6-month, 10 000-km guarantee on our workmanship. We are approved with all the extended-warranty policies. This means that if you take up extended assurance after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, the repair costs of parts, including the labour, will be covered.
We invite you to contact us today. We are always eager to meet new people and our coffee machines are never empty. Take note, your safety is our utmost concern and we have trained our employees according to the correct Covid-19 hygiene procedures. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the virus that causes Covid-19 can stay on surfaces and in aerosols from several hours to a few days. As such, we take meticulous care to keep our premises and used cars thoroughly disinfected. Our recent article, 5 Top Handy Tips About How To Disinfect Your Car – From Our Hygiene Experts, is well worth reading if you are looking to keep your car free from the virus.
Our Menlyn dealership’s contact details are:
109 Atterbury Road, Menlyn, Pretoria
Email: menlyn@cittoncars.co.za
Tel: 012 865 0100