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This brand is for smart, on-the-go city dwellers.

The Smart cars are nifty and funky! Not only are they compact with stylish design, but they also entice drivers and onlookers alike with a raspy noise emitted from the exhaust during feisty driving. In 2014, South Africans saw the release of the third generation Fortwo (two doors and two seats) and Forfour (four doors and four seats) models. Powered by 999cc three-cylinder engines, the steering is light, letting you easily wiggle unscratched from tight spots. The Smart brand is backed by Mercedes-Benz, which secures it improved tech and sense of fashion. We invite you to contact us today to view your next Smart car. We are always eager to meet new people, and we like intelligent buyers


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Smart Forfour 52kW Proxy for Sale

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