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MINI has always been on the edge of innovation.

The first MINI was manufactured in Brittan in the 1960s, and it quickly became iconic with the Baby Boomers. In fact, today it still serves as an inspiration for car manufacturers that want to keep up with popular culture. MINI has always been on the edge of innovation. For example, at the start of 2020, MINI South Africa launched MINI Sharing, a new service that enables non-MINI owners to share in the thrilling experience of driving a MINI. Citton Cars wants to excite, delight, and explore with our customers all that MINI has to offer. Keep an eye out for used MINIs for sale – from the 3- or 5-Door Hatch to the nifty Convertible or the larger Countryman model.


Mini Models currently on our floor

  • Countryman
  • Hatch 5-Door
  • Hatch
  • Hatch 3-Door
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