X-Sure Tyre Protection

Dec 2013

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Living life at full throttle?
With the purchase of a car, the basics are covered in your finance contract, of course, but monthly repayments are commitment enough without having to budget for those unplanned expenses that you as a car owner can experience from time to time. So before you buckle up to drive again, kindly consider the following value add product for your vehicle to ensure that you cut out the extra costs that can put a brake on your driving pleasure:

X-sure Tyre Protection (including Roadcover):

Tyres form a very important part of your vehicle and with ending up with irreparable damages to the tyres can leave you in a situation to run up extra cost and money out of your pocket.
This product is specially designed to cover you in event of irreparable damages to the tyres and assist you with a contribution towards the cost of the replacing damaged tyre, using our nominated provider, Tiger Wheel & Tyre. Irreparable damage to the tyre must be due Potholes, cuts, punctures and sidewall damages. This is only applicable within the borders of RSA. The contribution is based on the mileage travelled at the date the damage occurred.

Every tyre replaced includes:

a)      Free wheel alignment and balancing
b)      Free puncture repair 
Credit Amount for irreparable damage
The Credit Amount shall be calculated by determining the mileage travelled on the Insured Items since inception of the policy.  We will credit the appropriate percentage towards the purchase of the same or similar tyre. The calculation will be determined as follows for either new or used tyres:
New Tyre Credit Amount

Mileage Travelled

Credit % of current purchase price

0 kms – 2000 kms / or within 30 calendar days


2001 kms – 20,000 kms


20,001 kms – 40,000 kms


40,001 kms – 60,000 kms


Should the Insured Event occur within 30 calendar days from inception of this Policy, or within the first 2 000 kilometres of driving on the Insured Item, whichever comes first, you will receive a credit of 100% of the current purchase price from TWT of the same or similar replacement tyre towards the price of a new passenger tyre.
Used Tyre Credit Amount

Mileage travelled

Credit % of current purchase price

0 kms – 20,000 kms


20,001 kms – 40,000 kms


40,001 kms – 60,000 kms


The mileage on the vehicle may not necessarily be zero, therefore the mileage travelled since inception of the policy will be used
The Credit Amount is the Rand value of the credit the Insured will receive towards the purchase of a new passenger tyre.
The Credit Amount and Insured Event shall be determined by TWT on behalf of Hollard.
Also included in the cover is ROADCOVER.  Roadcover provides the reassurance that, if you are injured in an accident that was not caused by you, your claim to the Road Accident fund (RAF) will be handled swiftly and efficiently on your behalf and you will receive the full compensation due:

 Roadcover claim handling services include:

a)      All administration, including obtaining medico-legal reports
b)      Actuarial reports(for future loss of income)
c)       No costly legal bills
d)      100% payment of approved claims
This period of cover is for 3 years or 600000km whichever comes first.  Cover can be taken for 4 or 5 tyres (spare tyre included).
This product is priced to be affordable and can be included on your finance contract of can be bought in cash. The pricing is calculated on the size of the tyres and not the specific make of the tyre for example:
15 to 17 inch sized new tyres – 4 tyres premium including the roadcover = R1870 for 3 years/60 000km cover.

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