What Our Car Dealers in Pretoria Can Offer You

Jul 2020

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Finding a used car can be challenging if you don’t know where to start looking or what type of car you want. At Citton Cars, we know better than anyone that no two used cars are the same and that every pre-owned car comes with its own history. We are one of the leading car dealers in Pretoria who specialises in finding the right cars for the right buyers. In short, we are motoring matchmakers.
Citton Cars has two dealerships, one located in Gezina and the other in Menlyn. At any given time, we have more than 300 pre-owned vehicles for sale, which guarantees that you will find the right car to suit your needs for years to come. And sometimes, for the sake of joy and pleasure, you should also be able to forget what you need and focus a little bit on what you want. We, possibly more than others, know how this feel. Our staff on the floor and in the workshops have the pleasure of tending to cars that come in all shapes, styles, and colours every day.
It is, therefore, part of our daily endeavours to find ways to successfully match our customers’ motoring needs and desires with what we have on offer at our two dealerships.
Let’s have a look at what our dealers in Pretoria normally ask when a client contacts us to buy a car.

What are the essentials your car must comply with?

We all want that convertible that will drive us off into the sunset to live happily ever after. This may be a dream for some that eventually does come true, but in the meantime, most of us will have to settle for the more practical side of life. There are some realities you need to keep in mind when considering your purchase.
If you are a single person, you may not need a car with lots of interior space, but instead, you may prefer a small, nifty vehicle to whizz through the urban streets without too much effort or high fuel consumption. For this, we have many options available. At our Gezina branch, you will find on offer a Hyundai i10 1.1 Motion, Datsun Go1.2 Lux, Fiat 500 1.2, and Chevrolet Spark 1.2 LS – all in the same price range.
Perhaps you have a large family and space is of the utmost importance to cater for car seats, school bags, golf bags, grocery shopping and more. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to fit all your essential stuff into a car’s boot. And, if you have children, there WILL come a time when you find yourself part of a lift club for extramural activities. Don’t despair, a Renault Sandero Stepway 66kW Turbo, Jeep Compass 2.0L Limited, and Suzuki Swift Hatch 1.2 GA are all waiting for you on the Gezina showroom floor.
For those more adventurous families, we also have many sport utility vehicles available including 4x4s, Double Cabs, SUVs and MPVs. Any of these vehicles will navigate rough terrain to ensure that your adventure is every bit as much fun as you anticipated.
If fuel economy is important to you, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Ford and Mitsubishi are among the most fuel-efficient makes according to Consumer Reports. Check out our economy vehicles. We have Honda’s Brio, Civic and Ballade, and Toyota’s Aygo, Corolla Quest and RAV4 available at our dealerships.

What can you afford?

This all-important question will always pop up. It is important that you know how much you can set aside every month towards a car payment. The rule of thumb is that your monthly instalment should not exceed 15% of your monthly net salary. We have conveniently added a vehicle-finance calculator on our website to help you calculate your monthly instalment for the car of your choice.
For those who are on a tight budget, our most affordable cars on offer include the funky Fiat 500, Kia Picanto, and Suzuki Celerio. The Volkswagen Polo Vivo Hatch 1.4 Conceptline, a new arrival at our Gezina branch, is another popular choice for many.
If you can afford to splurge a little and have enough moola to afford a vehicle in the upper price range, we most certainly cater for you too. Both a shiny Mercedes-AMG GLE and a sporty red Alfa Romeo 4C are awaiting your loving attention on the floor at our Menlyn branch. Take a minute or two to check out our entire range of luxury and performance pre-owned cars listed on our website.

Are you open to considering other cars in the class?

The old saying goes: “there are plenty more fish in the sea”. You may have your heart set on a specific make or style, but there may be other options available that you have not considered or were even aware of. We often see that our clients have set their minds on a specific car make, because “their friend has one” or their father believes stoically that it is “the only reliable make on the market”.
We beg to differ. With extensive knowledge about all the makes, we can reassure you that most contemporary cars today are made with the latest features and technology. Our website includes a “compare” button which enables you to automatically put a wish list together. This makes it very easy for you to see all the selections on offer.
Use the filters to search for a car, select the one you like and then click the interactive compare button to see what pops up. Keep this list for when you contact our car dealers in Pretoria, so that we can prepare the selected cars for your test drive.
Each vehicle has its own personality and we will help you to settle for the one most compatible with yours.
Contact either our Gezina or Menlyn showrooms to start your car finding journey today.
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Or you can conveniently WhatsApp us on +27 62 050 8364.