The BMW Z4 Is All About Having Fun

Jan 2014

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The BMW Z4 is a car that is a lot more stylish and more entertaining, and can be compared to the stylish Merc SLK and even classier than the Porsche Boxster which was nominated as the South African Car of the Year for 2013.
There have been added additions to both the inside and the outside of this snappy little number. The BMW Z4 boasts a re-vamped front grille as well as refreshed head and tail lamps combined with new side vents; all in all the car has been overhauled to what it is – a classy, sophisticated-looking hard-top roadster.

What’s Under The Hood of the Z4;

Both the engine and transmission follows the present trend which is the downsizing as well as the quick-as-lighting auto gearbox.
The engineers that have designed this slick new vehicle have added a distinctive exhaust in addition to induction noise to a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.
The end result of a new engine and transmission combo has converted this mid-range car into a true sports car.
The 180kW and 350Nm of torque propel the vehicle from zero to 100km/h in a claimed 5.7 seconds while consuming 6.7/litres/100km on the combined cycle.
All in all, this roadster is an effective power plant when driving without energy, but when you put the pedal down to the floor, the performance will take your breath away.
There is almost no turbo lag at all which is primarily thanks to the twin-scroll turbo-charger, which makes the acceleration seemingly endless. The price of this beauty is in the region of R 616 701 but when compared to other manufacturers it all depends on the added extras.
All in all the Z4 is a polished state-of-the-art vehicle than in the past.
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