Stand out at every delivery with the perfect vehicle for your small business

Sep 2016

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Stand out at every delivery with the perfect vehicle for your small business

If you’re running a delivery business you will soon learn that your personal vehicle will start to fall short for your day-to-day operations. As the business expands, you will need more space as well as other extras to keep your merchandise in good condition. Not all vehicles are created equal and the type of deliveries you will be making will influence the type of vehicle you purchase. For example, when delivering food, one needs to make sure they have a reliable and fast vehicle to guarantee food freshness.
Panel vans are a popular choice for plumbers, florists, electricians, food and beverage, as well as office supply businesses. This is because they don’t have windows on the sides or the rear of the design, aiding in the preservation of goods from the weather.
The history of the panel van dates back to the 1920’s, where it was used to transport commercial goods as well as prisoners. Business owners and entrepreneurs quickly saw the benefits of these type of vehicles and therefore it became a well-liked option among them.
Construction, cleaning and towing businesses require a vehicle that allows ease of access to supplies and that is preferably strong enough for hauling. A cab, otherwise known as a “pickup truck” or “bakkie” is a great choice for this kind of business. They provide ample space for materials and an open hood for ease of access. There are a variety of vehicles in this range and the size, engine type and trailer hitch capacity will mainly determine what kind of work it can do.
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Fun Fact

Did you know that windshield wipers were invented by a woman? Anderson was visiting New York City when she noticed that the streetcar driver had to keep his window open in a snow storm in order to reach his arm out of the car and manually clean his windshield with a sponge. When she pitched the idea to auto companies she was told it had no value. The wipers later went on to become an essential feature in all vehicles.