Sell Your Car Online and get the price you want!

Jun 2019

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Sell your car online today by completing our convenient web form on our website on the “Sell Your Car” page. Henceforth, continue to the “Citton Buys Cars” page to enter your vehicle’s details and get the ball rolling. Forthwith, be sure to have your personal and vehicle details ready. In terms of vehicle details, we need the make, model, year, color, and mileage.
In addition, complete the section inquiring about the car’s condition, as well as the section about its history. Last, please tell us what other offers you have received and what you want for your car. Then, based on the information you have supplied, we can prepare a preliminary offer. It must be remembered that market conditions and demand for your model also influence its value.

What Happens Next?

Of course, you cannot entirely sell your car online; at some stage, we will have to see and inspect it. Therefore, be wary of anybody who want to buy your car online and pay for it without having seen it! Ultimately, you might end up handing over your car to someone who withdraws the Internet payment soon after. All things considered, you have to work with a reputable dealer like Citton Cars when you sell your car online. Doing it any other way can obviously be a huge risk and you stand to lose both your car and your cash. Forthwith, bring your car to us so that we can make our final offer, which you have seven days to consider. Given these points, just make sure that you bring along your ownership papers, up-to-date registration papers, and ID. Then we can conclude the deal in short order upon acceptance of our offer. If the information you provided online is confirmed in the inspection, you can sell your car to us right there.

We Do All the Paperwork and Private-to-Private Sales Too

Subsequently, we will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf. Ordinarily, you would have to handle the transfer of ownership, but we will jump through the hoops in no time. We will transfer the vehicle to our name and instantly take it off yours. In fact, we can even help you if you want to sell your car to a private third party! In either case, complete the online form and we will do the inspection with both you and the buyer present. Obviously, this happens at our premises to protect both parties. For a reasonable fee, we will take over the process, ensuring that the car’s finance is settled. Furthermore, we will see to it that a roadworthy test is conducted and verify the existing warranty, if any. Lastly, we will put the car through a multipoint quality check.

Finance Available on Site

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that you are under no obligation to buy a car from us. Even if you buy your car or facilitate a private-to-private sale. However, if you are in the market for a quality used car, browse our online showroom or visit us. Since we have over 200 cars on our parking lot, you are bound to find something you love. As soon as you decide on a car, we can set the process in motion and apply for finance on your behalf. At the present time, we can offer finance through Absa, Standard Bank, MFC (Nedbank), and WesBank. Our on-site business managers are ready to help you straightaway.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Henceforth, you can elect to buy an extended warranty or service plan for your car for ultimate peace of mind. In the long run, you can have your car repaired, serviced, and maintained at our on-site Bosch Car Service Centre. Obviously, they handle everything, from minor servicing and electrical repairs to major jobs like engine overhauls. In conclusion, you can also buy batteries and alternators, or have these repaired or overhaul. Altogether, there is not a base that Citton Cars does not cover, or a stone that we leave unturned. All in the quest to provide top used cars and after-sales service. Visit us online or in person today to buy or sell your car.