Proper Car Care – Top Car Cleaning Myths Debunked

May 2015

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Have you met the tricky disclaimers at car carnivals showing you inexpensive substitutes to make your car shine?
Convinced by strong claims made by different car cleaning products, we choose the wrong options to clean our cars and end up in a mess. Remember that car cleaning, polishing, washing, and oiling are poles apart from one another. Go through these car cleaning myths to choose the right options from now onwards and to add years to your car’s life.
Myth: I Will Wash My Car with the Best Commercial Dishwasher Detergent
I have kept this myth above all because most people wash their cars with dishwashing detergents. Although easy to wash, all dishwashing detergents accelerate the paint oxidation process degrading the upper layers of the paint.
Myth: A Shiny Exterior Tells How Clean My Car Is!
Shine does not represent the cleanliness of your car. Once on the road, many microscopic agents, bacteria and tiny environmental pollutants stick to the car’s surface. Washing the car does not remove these microscopic entities. The paint becomes rougher and more vulnerable to rust. You can inspect its cleanliness by rubbing your fingers on the paint after cleaning and drying the car. A smooth surface reflects a contaminant-free exterior of the car.
Myth: A Machine Polisher Will Damage My Car’s Smooth Surface
Machine polishers are perfectly safe for your car and you don’t need to be a pro to use them. Just follow the instructions adhering to it and take precautionary measures.
Myth: I Will Wax to Remove the Swirl marks
Once the paint is damaged, swirl marks or scratches appear on the surface. Wax sticks to the damaged surface making it apparently smoother for 2-3 months. After that, the wax will start melting making the scratches look more terrible. For micro scratches, use a non-abrasive paint cleaner. For slightly deeper scratches, clean the surface with non-abrasive paint, polish with a reputed car paint polisher, and coat with wax to secure the paint.
Myth: My Old Tee Will Gloss It Up!
Polyester threads used in diapers, old T-shirts, clothes, flannel pieces, and old towels etc leave scratches and swirl marks on your car. Take our word and never use them again. Use Microfiber detailing towels to keep scratches and swirl marks away from your precious partner.