Know Your Tricks Before Shopping for a Used Car Online

Jun 2015

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The emerging trend of online shopping is not just limited to clothes and accessories, in fact, people are buying real estate and cars online too. But for most of the car buyers, it is still a retro experience. Many car manufacturers and online car sellers have established physical dealership outlets for giving advice on car buying and referring to most reliable cars according to your needs. But if you want to buy a car without the help of a dealership, know your tricks and grab the best deal of the town!

Calculating the Budget

Calculate your budget range for buying a new car. Put your range in the online store’s form and check ‘all’ the cars that show up. Sometimes, an expensive car can be bargained on the basis of its condition; therefore, check each and every car in the list.

Technician’s Help

The fear of fault and hidden wear and tear makes people reluctant from buying a used car online. The trick is to find the best deal in town and approach the owner with a car technician. Ask the technician to check the parts of the car including the engine, electric connections, brakes, and coolant etc. Check the interior of the car to calculate the repair and maintenance costs. You may further bargain on behalf of the car’s condition.

Test Drive

Test drive for at least 30 minutes. The car buyer may argue on such a long test drive but 30 minutes is a standard time to find the car’s hidden faults and defects as well.

Paint and Upholstery

Check the interior and exterior. If the car needs paint services and upholstery renovation, then calculate these costs as well. Mention the costs to the owner and ask him/her to reduce the purchase price.

Local MSRP

Checking the local MSRP of the car can save you from scams of variable high prices. Bargain on behalf of the local MSRP. Also, ask the owner or dealership to inform you about the inclusive and exclusive fees and charges. Calculate these charges in the total price.

Annual Percentage

For calculating the total price of the car in comparison with your budget, focus on annual calculations rather than monthly calculations. Find the APR or Annual Percentage Rate to calculate the car purchase price and other charges.


VIN is the Vehicle’s Local Identification number. Find out the VIN on the online store’s list. If VIN is not available, it means that the car is not available in the lot.

Financing Options

If you are financing your car from other sources like the bank or car loan scheme, never tell it to the car owner or he/she may sum up more charges to increase the total worth of the car.