How to Upgrade and Advance TDI Engine Performance

Mar 2016

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The TDI engine performance is influenced with synergetic effect produced by a couple of advancements and modifications. However, just one or two modifications may not bring you higher level results. Thus, improving automotive traction is the most important to consider before improving the TDI engine performance. It is highly recommended to upgrade the engine properly; as the unexpected results might cause an emergency situation while driving.
Larger Intercooler – Install a larger intercooler and test-fit it for at least eight hours. Silicon piping adapters and mounting bolts can help you place the larger intercooler in the space of an old one. If you can afford to, then prefer bar-plate intercoolers over conventional ones as these have more efficient air-intercooler design.
Custom Chipping – Custom chip tuning will help you increase the fuel mileage and power of the TDI engine. When installing a custom chip, either contact the car manufacturer or seek help from a trustworthy car technician.
Clutch and Flywheel – Modifying the clutch will increase the projected level of power and torque according to your requirement. Avoid puck clutches as these are highly subjective to harsh drivability on ordinary streets. When buying the clutch and flywheel, mention the characteristic of your engine. For Mk3 engines, Mk3 clutch and flywheels are used. Also, mention the transmission of your engine. For DSG transmission, the officially approved torque limit is 258 lb-ft.
Turbocharger – To increase and improve the air flow to the engine, a larger turbocharger will be required. When choosing a turbocharger, mention the RPM of your car’s engine. The power consumption of the turbocharger depends on the engine cylinders. Most of the daily use vehicles have 4 diesel engine cylinders and very large turbochargers are not recommended for these engines.
Full custom modifications are also made in the TDI exhaust system, tabular exhaust manifold, and modified long block. However; these extreme level customizations are recommended only if you have a professional mechanic and fabricator by your side. The general cost of full system customization is more than buying a new sports car, therefore; the latter is a better option to choose from. Also, larger engines charge expensive labor than smaller engines. However; basic and medium level modifications like custom chipping and clutch and flywheel etc; may safely be done on your own.