DIY Guide to Repair Your Chipped Windshield

May 2015

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A small chip on the windshield might turn into a big crack if you don’t repair it immediately. Repairing a minor chip on the windshield is a simple process; however, one should never try repairing a large crack on the windshield without the help of a pro.
A commercial windshield repair kits contain all the tools which a car lover must have at home. The tools include windshield repair resin, a bridge and injector, plastic curing tab, windshield pit filler, razor blades, a mirror, and a dermal tool with glass bits.

Steps to Repair the Windshield

Clean the windshield with a car window cleaner and chamois so that all the chips and cracks can be visibly identified. You can also clean the windshield with an alcohol pad.
The next step is to hang the mirror inward from the windshield top so that it clearly shows the chip to be repaired. Expert mechanics and car technicians don’t hang mirrors; however, it helps in keeping an eye on the chip from all angles and ensuring its complete coverage.
Now seal the chipped windshield by centering the bridge directly on the chip. You may also use some other tool for sealing the chip.
From the injector point of the bridge, put three to eight drops of windshield repair resin and push the resin inside by gently pressing the injector. Keep your eyes on the resin passing through the injector. At this point, you can see the resin clearing the windshield chip. Release the air and inject more resin if needed. Let it set for five to ten minutes.
Pit is the point where the glass is missing from the windshield. Put one to two drops of the windshield pit filler on the pits and cover with plastic curing tape immediately. Let it cure in sunlight for three to four minutes.
Remove the curing tape and with the help of a razor adjusted in an upright position, remove the excess pit filler. Use an ultraviolet flashlight to see any other chips on the windshield.
You may lightly polish the chipped windshield for a better finish. Under ideal conditions, windshield chips will be repaired up to 100% with this process. However, under the scorching sun, high humidity, heavy rain, high precipitation, and dusty sky, the windshield would repair from 40% to 80%. If the car is more than ten years old, then render services of an automotive mechanic for chipped windshield repair.