Car Review – Mini Cooper S JCW

Oct 2013

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Mini Cooper S JCW Car Review

When BMW acquired Mini in 2000, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. From being a British owned company since 1959 to being bought over from the German giants we knew that there surely was exciting things to come. In 2001 the all new Mini hatch was launched and boy did it take the world by storm. Over the years it hasn’t changed much but they have merely perfected the platform that was already years ahead of its time to start with. Now that we have the basics and the boring stuff out the way, let’s get onto the reason for writing this article. In late 2008 Mini introduced a symbolic car that really was a game changer. It was called the JCW edition. The name John cooper works has become synonymous amongst the Mini cooper enthusiast but in 2007 BMW acquired the rights to the name and in 2008 they bought over the British based company.

Now, most sceptics thought it was merely a money making strategy by BMW but oh how wrong they were. With a completely different body kit and “JCW” touches everywhere on the car that were subtle but made the biggest difference the first impressions were jaw dropping and left me excited to get behind the wheel of the latest edition to the Mini family.. Other than the exciting external touches the JCW now has limited slip differential which was an essential touch to ground the extra 30kw of power. Also the brakes have been upgraded to Brembo 4 pot callipers and a few other components which all came together to make one of the most exciting and exhilarating Hot hatches that I have ever driven. The steering is sharp and precise which gives the Mini Go-Cart like handling, the chassis is stiff and the responsiveness and overall package of the JCW is truly spectacular. The Mini Cooper S JCW was never built to be a family car so it’s not even worth critiquing the space in the vehicle, nor was it built to be the softest or most comfortable car around but if you looking for uncompromising performance and a class leading hot hatch that has head turning looks and is equipped and finished in true German style, then this is definitely the car for you.