Best Fuel Efficient Cars in 2015 in South Africa

Jan 2016

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The global demand for fuel economic cars is rising due to the increasing rates of fuel worldwide. Now, fuel economy has become the most important USP (Unique Selling Point) for car manufacturers. Electric and hybrid cars provide the best solution for fuel economy however; these cars are far more expensive than general cars. Here is a list of the top petrol and diesel economic cars to facilitate the car-love culture in South Africa.
Ford Fiesta 1,6 TDCi Ambiente – With a fuel efficiency of under 5L/100 km, Ford Fiesta is a small and economic family vehicle. Since 2012, the car has been on the top position in the least fuel consumption list, rated by Total Economy Run.
Toyota Yaris X,S HSD and Audis X,S HSD – With under 5L/100 km fuel economy, these car types are ideal for smaller families. With great suspension and smoother edge, Toyota Yaris and Audis are perfect for long trips and journeys.
Peugeot 107 – This small family car is a classic city automobile, especially when it comes to fuel economy. Consuming just 5L/100 km, the car provides smoother and comfortable rides.
Toyota Aygo – According to the manufacturer, the car consumes 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. When you drive the car, the consumption remains under 6l/100 km which fulfills the manufacturer’s promise to a certain extent. Toyota Aygo is also a small family car, that is safe and a good choice for road trips.
Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion – The manufacturer claims that you will need to go to the fuel station only ten times a year. However; it definitely depends on the usage. Generally, Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion consumes 3.2l diesel per 100km. It is a relatively larger and wider car with improved road grip.
BMW 530d – Consuming 6.6l/100 km, it is a diesel dependent car. BMW 530d is a bigger and wider car, accommodating more than 5 family members. The wider shark front provides extra grip on the road; with an amazing stereo in a soundproof interior.
Chevrolet Sonic 1.3 – ‘Large hatchback with great performance’, as the manufacturer claims; the Chevrolet Sonic 1.3 is a diesel dependent car and consumes 6 to 7l/100 km. It is also a small family car.
Kia Picanto 1.0 – Styled and designed specifically for fuel economy, Kia Picanto is a small family car which normally consumes 5 to 6l/100 km.
Choose any one from these fuel efficient cars in South Africa and save more on fuel this year!