5 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Car – Pronto

Jan 2018

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When to sell your car can be a bit of a guessing game, but there are some sure-fire certainties that it’s time to trade in.
From gathering dust in the driveway to a repair bill the size of your savings, these are five signs that it’s time to sell, pronto.

1. It no longer meets your needs

The biggest reason people sell their car is to up-size for a growing family. The next most common reasons are because they’re moving, or because it was a second or third vehicle that isn’t needed anymore.
Things change. Your zippy two-seater was great for getting you round the city when you were just starting your career, but now a baby’s on the way – or the second one – you need something with a bit more space for a car seat.
Or perhaps you bought the second car because you both had long commutes, but now one of you has a job closer to home and it’s just taking up space in the driveway.
Unless you’re a real motorhead, there’s no sense keeping a car that’s not fulfilling its purpose.

2. It’s clocked 100,000km

There’s a certain kind of person that will drop a vehicle as soon as the odometer hits 160,000km – widely seen as the mark of a car past its prime. In fact, a well-maintained car can last well into its 300,000s.
So why might it be time to sell your car at 100,000km? Because this is where it turns into a game of chicken. Of course, it depends on the actual state of your car, but generally speaking, it’s around this mark that things begin to wear out.
It’s not going to fall apart around you, but it could probably do with a new timing belt around now, and new tires if it doesn’t already have them. It’s just starting to be something that requires work at this point. It depends if you’re willing to put that work in.
And it’s worth bearing in mind that when it does hit 160,000km, its value will drop – because most people think it’s had its day.

3. It’s costing you more than it’s worth

You might be well past that point though. You’ve done the timing belt, you’ve done the tires. It needs constant repairs – small enough to keep you in the game, but often enough to make you start wondering.
At this point it would be worth getting a full inspection to assess if a) any big repairs are required right now, b) any significant repairs will be needed soon, but aren’t immediately urgent and c) any major maintenance may be required over the next year.
Get a rough quote for all the work, then compare it to how much the same make and model is going for second-hand – bring it to us for an honest evaluation, perhaps. If the repairs cost more than the resale value, it’s probably time to sell your car.

4. It needs immediate major repairs

You really want to avoid this part. The part where you’re faced with a single repair bill so large, it equals the cost of buying last year’s brand-new model. It’s the clearest sign you need to trade in, but also the point you’re unlikely to get much, if anything, in return.
You could spend the money on keeping it going, but you’re unlikely to get more than a couple of years out of it – and safety could well be a concern at this point. If something major has gone, another part mightn’t be far behind.
Investing in a newer model is more than common sense at this point. Not only do you get a newer car, but it will be less of a headache – if any servicing is required, it should be covered under a warranty or service plan.

5. You’re just not into it anymore

Let’s face it, cars aren’t just practical objects. We develop a relationship with them. And like any relationship, the bond between you and your vehicle can go sour.
Your heart sinks when you see it in the driveway. Your sigh is in tune with the creak of the driver-side door. Your stomach drops as you fall into the over-familiar seat. Maybe you’ve had it five years, maybe you’ve just finished the payments. Either way, a change of scenery could make driving a joy again.
It’s no one’s fault, and maybe the old girl will bring happiness to someone else. But your heart longs for another. Don’t let driving bring you down any longer. It’s time to sell.
And when it is, come and talk to us. We make selling as easy as possible. It’s there in our lightning-fast process, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, cash-in-pocket. It’s there in our expert valuations that promise a competitive price.
This form is a great place to start.
Do you keep your car until it’s falling apart? Or do you trade in before it becomes work? When do you think the right time to sell your car is? Let us know in the comments!
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