5 Common Misconceptions People Have When Buying Used Cars

Sep 2021

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At Citton Cars, we understand that you may have concerns about whether buying a used car for sale will be as rewarding as buying a new car. This and other misconceptions exist regarding buying used cars for sale, but we want to put you at ease and demonstrate that pre-owned cars are just as valuable and reliable as new cars.

At Citton Cars, we offer a wide variety of used car options. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new car or if you are interested in buying a relatively new used car, we have what you are looking for. For example, the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Comfortline is for sale for R339 999 with a mileage of only 17 000km. It comes with a service plan and factory warranty. In addition, the Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI 2.0 TSI DSG is for sale for only R259 999 with a mileage of 133 000km.

Whatever your needs are, Citton Cars is sure to have a used car for sale that suits YOU. Contact us today to see what we have in store. Firstly, let’s consider how buying a used car can be an affordable and reliable alternative to buying a new car. These are common misconceptions around buying used cars:

They won’t last long

If you take care of a car, it can, on average, last a good 12 years without any issues or problems. In fact, some cars end up going strong for 30 to 40 years. When buying a new car, you will be able to drive it for its full lifespan, but you will also be paying more expensively for these years.

When buying a used car, you may have to sacrifice a few years. However, the car is priced much more affordably than that of a new car. Keep in mind that all vehicles tend to depreciate as soon as they are driven out of the dealership. When buying a used car, this sudden depreciation isn’t a concern.  

You will pay more

You may think that you will have to pay more than what the used car is worth. Instead, you will likely pay much less. This is because new cars depreciate relatively quickly, while this is not an issue with used cars. You also won’t have to worry about paying for additions, like tinted windows, delivery fees, or anti-theft devices, because the car should already contain many, if not all, of these features.  

It can be difficult to find the right car

People often think that the used car market is too limited for them to find the car that they want and need. While the options for buying new cars may be greater, the used car market is ever expanding, and you will likely find an option that suits you. At Citton Cars, we have a wide range of used cars for sale that can satisfy almost any customer’s needs. We stock hatchbacks, SUVs, luxury cars, convertibles, and more.

Used car dealerships aren’t reliable

While many car dealerships aren’t reliable, you can have peace of mind when shopping for your car at Citton Cars. Our vetting process is thorough and accurate, which ensures that we only stock the best pre-owned cars available. This guarantees that you will find an affordable and reliable car at one of our used car dealerships.

You won’t get a warranty

It can be risky to buy a car without a warranty. At Citton Cars, you can purchase a two-year extended warranty and include it in the monthly payment of the car. Our used cars for sale come with service and maintenance plans.

Now that we have squashed the common misconceptions that may have held you back from buying a used car, it should be clear how a pre-owned car would benefit your life and your wallet. Visit our car dealerships in Menlyn or Gezina to view our selection of pre-owned cars.