10 Fuel saving tips to help you use less fuel

Aug 2013

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With the price of fuel in South Africa reaching record high levels, now might be a good time to start employing tactics to reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle. People driving SUV’s and sports cars should pay particular attention and be more mindful to fuel economy.
Although the price might come down a bit, it will in all likelihood increase in a couple of months, negating any reduction.
With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fuel saving tips that every driver should know.
# Fuel Saving Tip 1
Service your car regularly

A well-kept engine can improve fuel economy. Ensure that you don’t skip any services and follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing at regular intervals.
# Fuel Saving Tip 2
Make fewer trips

Did you know that driving your car with a cold engine uses much more fuel for the first eight to ten kilometres. Plan your route cleverly and combine all your daily errands into one trip instead of lots of short journeys.
# Fuel Saving Tip 3
Avoid rush hour traffic

Being stuck in rush hour traffic is a very expensive way of travelling. When you stop and start in traffic, your car needs a huge amount of fuel to get moving again, in first gear. You can save some fuel by trying to stay in second gear, if you can anticipate what the traffic in front of you is doing. Try to travel steadily at a slow speed, rather than accelerating and braking. If possible, try to avoid rush hours and you’ll really notice the improvement in fuel consumption.
# Fuel Saving Tip 4
Gentle and smooth acceleration

Accelerate smoothly and drive at a constant speed in the highest gear (five or six) is ideal to make your car more fuel efficient.
# Fuel Saving Tip 5
Close the windows (or sunroof)

Driving with open windows in the city won’t affect your fuel consumption much, but when driving on the highway, open windows or an open sunroof can impact negatively on the aerodynamics, leading to heavier fuel consumption. Wind noise is a sign that your car’s aerodynamics is being interrupted and makes your car more expensive to run. Try to use your air vents (not aircon) instead.
# Fuel Saving Tip 6
Remove unnecessary weight and installations like roof racks and bike bars

The less weight, the more fuel efficient your car will be. Remove all weighty objects like sports equipment, tools, luggage etc. Also remove any installations like roof racks or bike bars, which could interfere with the aerodynamics of your car. Check your boot regularly and remove items that will add unnecessary weight to drive around.
# Fuel Saving Tip 7
Check your tyre pressures regularly

It is important that you check your type pressure every two weeks. The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel your car will use. If you’re not sure what the pressure should be, check inside the fuel flap or inside the driver’s door.
* Read More on 10 Tyre Maintenance Tips.
# Fuel Saving Tip 8
Stick to the speed limit and plan your route
The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. Be mindful of the law and sticking to the speed limits. Leave earlier to ensure that you have enough time to get to your destination. Plan your route, so that you don’t take the wrong turnoffs or roads and end up driving kilometres which you could have saved fuel on.
# Fuel Saving Tip 9
Consider Carpooling or use public transport
Sharing rides to work with friends or colleagues, can double your fuel economy. It will also help you to be less tired from concentrating in traffic, especially if you alternate days or weeks. Other options are also available, such as public transport, the Gautrain, busses, Uber, riding a bicycle or walking instead of driving alone.

# Fuel Saving Tip 10
Turn the air-conditioning off
Air-conditioning use up a lot of fuel. Try to use your air vents. If you have to use your air-con, go ahead, but be mindful of your excessive fuel consumption and try to turn your air-con off, when your car is cold enough.
If your car is due for a service or needs repairs to help you improve your fuel consumption, speak to our Citton Bosch Car Service Centre or book a service today.